Ministry Objectives & TOR:
1- Initiatives to increasing awareness and practice of Islam
2- Promoting Islam as religion of tolerance and peace Building, maintaining and refurbishing mosques
3- Facilitating the affairs of Hajj and Umrah
4- Supporting the Islamic clergy in Somalia
5- Collaborating with the Council of Somali Ulema
6- Mosque and madrassa registration and management
7- Qualifying madrassa teachers and standardizing technical qualification
8- Standardizing the religious education curriculum
9- Promoting the memorization and recitation of the Quran
10- Promoting Islamic research and study
11- Holding conferences, seminars and trainings on Islamic subjects
12- Facilitating exchange of Islamic scholars of other nations
13- Conducting cultural cooperation with Islamic and cultural entities of other nations
14- Promoting Islamic art and culture
Promoting intra-faith harmony
15- Promoting brotherhood, compassion, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding as universalised values for common ground and peaceful coexistence
16- Handling endowment, donation and charity affairs within the frameworks of pertaining laws
17- Supporting humanitarian aid allocation and distribution to the most vulnerable
18- Collaborations with the private sector and civil society for charity and humanitarian aid
19- Providing religious counseling to those misguided by extremism
20- Encouraging social cohesion based on tolerance and forgiveness
21- Promoting community reintegration, social healing and peaceful co-existence
22- Facilitating dialogue, mediation and conflict resolution based on the principles of Islam
23- Promoting women’s inclusion and empowerment
24- Pursuing avenues of Islamic trauma healing
25- Collaboration with state-level ministries of Religious Affairs
26- Cooperation with different state institutions